Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Squid and Veggy in Cream of Mushroom!

Have you ever get tired of your usual homemade "Adobong Pusit"?

Well, I do. As I live in a province here in the Philippines, great restos and fine dining is out of story. I and "the husband" goes to market (wet market) on a weekly basis and stock-up for our weekly groceries.
The shopping experience I get from the market is not the same as in the mall. Market in province is...pft! But you get all the luxury you can have in Malls and its supermarket that is.

When we go to the wet market, we always have this common list of thing to buy weekly, to suffice our weekly needs. This entails pork, chicken, fish and SQUID. My kids and "the husband" loves this seafood and they always, always, always liked it to be cooked "Adobo" and I'm like "Adobo na naman?!"

Adobo is a popular dish here in Philippines and I must say, if we can represent our country in a dish it would be Adobo. A super flexible dish. Anyhooo, I get tired of Squid Adobo, it's like the same old story every week with Squid (as we always have that in our weekly list). Yes I have tried doing Calamares` and works well, but it's to dry of a dish and the oil will splatter all over if you cook it incorrectly, such a hassle, pffft!

So long story short, as I am deeply in love with cooking, I tried creating a dish I can call "MY OWN".
NO recipe, NO cookbook and NO YouTube or TV show tutorials! YES I can make my own recipe out of nowhere,LOL!

Presenting my Squid and Veggy in Cream of Mushroom!

So I had some veggies on the fridge and half pouch (left-over) Cream of Mushroom powder. Then I thought why not make a dish with veggy and squid?! Right?
And so I did, and this is the outcome. I never thought this would taste great, but to my surprise it does!

So here is the recipe :

Ingredients :
2 table spoon vegetable oil
4 cloves garlic minced
1 onion minced
1 sayote cut julienne
1 carrot cut julienne
1 table spoon celery cut into an inch long
1 plum tomato cut julienne
1 table spoon of Oyster sauce
2 table spoon of Tomato Ketchup
1 tea spoon of light soy
1 tea spoon fish sauce  (optional)
pinch of dried oregano and thyme
1/2 of Cream of Mushroom powder in a pouch diluted in 2 cups of water
1 sachet 7g GINISA MIX with SHRIMP
1 red bell pepper cut julienne
1/2 kilo squid cleaned and cut into rings
salt and pepper to taste.

Procedure :
1. Heat the wok and add the oil, when the oil is heated add garlic and onions saute` until the onions sweat.
(*tip: You want to sweat your onion to provide a sweet taste instead of the spiciness. And you will saute garlic and onions together to avoid burnt garlic.)
2. Add sayote ,carrots, celery and tomato then stir fry until it's half cook. You don't want an over-cooked veggy, you want it crisp and tender,not mushy! We added our tomato at this point and not while sauteing to avoid it from being squashed, we want to see our tomatoes in the dish.
3. Season it with Oyster sauce, tomato Ketchup, light soy, fish sauce and pinch of dried oregano and thyme. Mix well.
4. We then now add diluted Cream of Mushroom powder in a pouch and 1 sachet GINISA MIX with shrimp!
5. Stir until it you see the sauce thickness a little, you don't want a too thick of consistency, if this happens,your ration of the powder and water may not be right. It is OK to add little by little of water until you get the right consistency you want.
6. Wait for it to boil. When you start seeing bubbles on the sauce add bell pepper and squid. Mix for about a minute.
(*tip: DO NOT OVER COOK YOUR SQUID! a minute in the heat will do to cook the squid. Over cooking it will just ruin it, the texture will be like as of the bubble gum. Believe me!)
7. Add salt and pepper to taste. And you are ready to serve!

Enjoy the dish!

So what's your say? isn't this dish interesting? What are you waiting for?

Anyway, Thanks for reading..


  1. @sugar sugar : Thanks ;) It sure is,ubos na nga e,LOL!